Month: February 2019

How to ‘Autoheal’ Your Audio in Adobe Audition – It’s Quick Tip Tuesday

Autoheal in Adobe Audition

We bet there’s been a time where you’ve been working steadily through your edit and found one section of audio from your shoot that has a pop, crackle, muffle or something that is unusable? And normally, you’d either work around the shot, use someone else in the scene’s mic or anything to not have to …

Sync Your Footage and Audio Automatically – It’s Quick Tip Tuesday!

Sync Your Media With PluralEyes

When you are shooting your video and audio separately syncing your footage up to your audio in post can take a LONG time. Especially if the in-built synchronisation tools in your NLE aren’t capable of analysing the waveforms properly to find a match or the timecodes don’t line up as they should. Well, fear not, …

Learn to Keyframe in 2 Minutes – It’s Quick Tip Tuesday

Quick Tip Tuesday - Keyframes

Keyframes are incredibly useful, versatile and easy to use. For anyone who’s never used them before now is the time to start. Keyframing controls are available in pretty much all post-production NLE’s, grading software and all sorts of other platforms and they all use the same principles. For a quick, two minute rundown, then give …